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Creeks Rising

A City Reflected In Hogans & McCoys Creeks

In honor of the city's Bicentennial, this exhibition presents documentation and photographs by local photographer Doug Eng of the two urban creeks in Jacksonville: Hogans and McCoys Creek. After years of pollution and neglect, the nonprofit Groundwork Jacksonville has partnered with the City of Jacksonville to rebuild the “emerald necklace” of trails, parks, creeks, and greenspace encircling the urban core that was envisioned by famed architect Henry Klutho in the early 20th Century. As part of this “Emerald Trail,” Groundwork Jax aims to remedy flooding, clean the water, create more natural habitat for birds, fish, and wildlife, and once again provide parks, trails, and access for creek recreation for Jacksonville.

Groundwork Jacksonville is the only Groundwork trust in Florida, and the first in the Southeastern United States. For more information visit

For more information on the artist, visit

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